#TitleWP LeaderStatus
1.1Report on related EU programmes and practicesU of NoviSad
1.2Report on related programmes & practices in WBC countriesU of NoviSad
1.3Matrix on competences from labour market surveyU of NoviSad
1.4 Learning outcomes for updating BSc and new Master programmeU of NoviSad
2.1New/updated BSc courses TU Wien
2.2New/updated MSc courses TU Wien
2.3New e-learning courses TU Wien
2.4InternshipTU Wien
2.5Accreditation documents TU Wien
2.6Adoption of BSc and MSc courses /programme at the institutional level TU Wien
2.7MSc programme accreditedTU Wien
3.1Staff training and retraining Uvigo
3.2Equipment & literature NKUA
3.3On line platformUvigo
3.4Laboratory MaterialUvigo
4.1Student enrolment U of Tuzla
4.2BSc courses offered U of Tuzla
4.3MSc courses offeredU of Tuzla
4.4Evaluation report on new coursesU of Tuzla
4.5Students in Internship program U of Tuzla
4.6ELEMEND platform IBU
5.1Mechanisms for the quality control and monitoring definedRTU
5.2Internal quality assurance reportsRTU
5.3External quality control and monitoringRTU
5.4External financial auditRTU
6.1Project Web siteIBU
6.2Dissemination planIBU
6.3Dissemination events with stakeholdersIBU
6.4Creation of the University – enterprises network IBU
6.5Final ConferenceIBU
6.5Financial and institutional sustainability strategic plan IBU
6.6Sustainable cooperation with SME / cooperation agreement signedIBU
6.7 Cooperation agreement between project partners signedIBU
7.1 Overall project managementNKUA
7.2Project coordination meetingsNKUA
7.3Periodical and Final reports preparedNKUA